Complex Needs Modules to go Europe wide.

11 12 2014
An innovative project , co ordinated by Leeds Beckett University in the UK, will see the Complex Needs modules translated into Spanish , German, Turkish, and Bulgarian! This development , funded by the European Union Erasmus Programme, affirms the high quality and innovative nature of these materials.
The focus of the Project will be staff training in the field of Intellectual Disability , and will be co ordinated by Nick Mitchell , Principal Programme Consultant at Leeds Beckett university. Jo Egerton , who worked on the original Complex Needs Module Project in the UK, will be the Research Fellow for this European Project.
Details of the Project as linked below.
Professor Barry Carpenter, who was Director of the original Complex Needs Research Project in the UK, and who oversaw the development of  the original  training modules in English  ( http://www.complexneeds., said at the inaugural meeting of the European Project Group, itide, “ This is a marvellous opportunity to bring to staff working with children with Intellectual Disabilities across Europe, the innovative and groundbreaking work that the Team behind the original modules put together. I am delighted to think that our legacy will have such a potentially transformative impact.”

Changing Children – Changing Services? The moving landscape of Early Childhood Intervention

29 10 2014
The Video clip below is Professor Carpenters’ Keynote presentation to Australian Early Childhood Intervention Association, September, 2014.

FASD hits the press again; an Australian story.

29 10 2014

The article ‘Bottle babies: the devastation of foetal alcohol spectrum disorders’ highlights the societal impact of FASD in Australia.

New Guidance for Parents of Children with Special Needs and Disabilities, on the recent SEN reforms.

29 10 2014

This resource from ‘Contact a Family’ offers guidance on the recent reforms to funding for students with SEN.


Parental Guidance

New book launched with a focus on Teacher Inquiry in Special Educational Needs.

29 10 2014

This new book , written by Surrey Teachers of children with a range of SEN. clearly demonstrates how we can find the evidence for our interventions, and create new ones where they do not exist. It  helpfully moves us on as a profession from evidence based practice to inquiry focussed practice, enabling a differentiated and personalised response to a child’s unique profile of learning needs.


Surrey Schools Flyer

Governor SEN Conference – February 7th 2015, Bournemouth.

12 09 2014

Flyer 2015 DRAFT

Flyer for Engaging Learners with Complex Learning Difficulties and Disabilities

12 09 2014

This practical and engaging book provides literature, tools and case study examples outlining who children and young people with CLDD are, why their engagement for learning is important, and how the Engagement for Learning Framework can be used effectively by teachers and other professionals to ensure the best possible outcomes for these children.

Engaging Learners with Complex Learning Difficulties and Disabilities


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