The Changing Landscape  of Special Educational Needs.

26 08 2015

This two part article , recently published in the new SEND magazine , gives an overview of the phenomena that many school are experiencing , namely that the children they identify with SEND today , are increasingly different to those they identified yesterday.

SEND Article Part 1

SEND Article Part 2

4th European Conference on FASD

26 08 2015

Save the date for the 4th European Conference on FASD at Royal Holloway University, London, UK. 12th to 15th September 2016

More Information here

Latest issue of ‘Foetal Alcohol Forum’

6 07 2015
NOFAS-UK is pleased to announce the release of the 13th Issue of the FOETAL ALCOHOL FORUM with the latest FASD research and articles from our experts.
To download Issue 13, click on this link

Dads; what are your schools male engagement strategies?

6 07 2015
It will not come as a surprise to most women to know that men are different! In fact women probably have a strong evidence base in support of this statement. But when it comes to thinking through how we engage Dads in our schools there is often a one size fits all approach for both parents regardless of sex. Men don’t do Coffee Mornings!
So as you think ahead to the next academic year, before you start complaining that Dads don’t turn up to anything, please think about the channels through which you are asking then to become involved. There may be issues around time of day, or content of a session / meeting , or just that coming into a school holds memories of their own unsuccessful and unhappy times at school.
Below is a research summary of current thinking in this area , and also an article I have written on this topic which contains helpful suggestions for appraising your school’s male engagement strategies.

RiP: Are we including fathers? What we say, what we assume and what we’re not asking
This blog post discusses how practitioners can assess whether they are engaging with fathers effectively, and how they can improve the way they work with them. 

FASD and the Criminal Justice system.

6 07 2015
This Australian produced video raises some important issues related to the management of people with FASD in the criminal justice system of any Country. 
As an Educationalist, the issues raised underscore for me the need for high quality Education for children and young people with FASD, to prevent some of the tragic admissions to the criminal justice system. Many go on to become ‘revolving door prisoners’ with no quality of life.
One day Society will wake up to this ticking time -bomb.

Review of “Engaging Learners with Complex Learning Difficulties and Disabilities”

5 05 2015

The latest edition of ‘Specialworld’ contains a review of “Engaging Learners with Complex Learning Difficulties and Disabilities” found on page 53. The publication can be found here.

Understanding Intellectual Disability and Health

5 05 2015

The website contains excellent resources and information on all  aspects of Learning Disability for parents and professionals.


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