FASD – Pedagogically Bereft

Children with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders area recently identified phenomena in British schools, as they are in other developed countries. This article describes a small scale piece of research , undertaken at the University of Oxford, which make a preliminary attempt to unpick some of the teaching strategies that may be effective with this educationally challenging group of children and young people.

BJSE – FASD (Pedagogically bereft!) Vol 38. No 1 2011

Rules of Engagement

New generation children in our classrooms requires New generation pedagogy. This article describes the results of a national school based research project using the tenet of Engagement as the foundation for that new generation of teaching practices.

SEN magazine The rules of engagement Sept 2011 (A4page)

SSAT Conference 2011

Schools are clearly recognising changes in the population of children. The Green Paper on Special Educational Needs, “Support and Aspiration”, from the Government has documented this too.
At the SSAT National Conference in Birmingham in 2011 I posited the challenge , “Changing Children – Changing Schools ? They have – have we?”