Mental Health In Students with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities

This new article, just published in the Special Education Resource Journal (Australia), reflects the combined experience and perspectives of a Clinical Psychologist and Special Educator. It is timely in the UK context as Mental Health features large in the new draft Code of Practice on Special Educational Needs. The creation of the new designation of Social, Mental and Emotional Health will bring particular challenges for teachers, but most will recognise the need, as this article points out , to begin to address this important area of development in all children and young people, but especially those with Special Needs.

1A. barry carpenter MH Article Sept 2013

Recognising Fathers: the needs of Fathers of children with disabilities.

I am often asked about Dads,and how to get them involved in school life ,and supporting their child with special needs and disabilities. Schools need to think about their male engagement strategies. What appeals to Mums , may not necessarily appeal to Dads.

I hope this article will stimulate some thinking in your school or service. Further information can be found in a chapter on ‘Fathers’ in a book I edited, “Families in Context” ( David Fulton publishers.)

Fathers and Disability