Children with Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) .. cont

Children with Acquired Brain Injury ( ABI ) are often an overlooked group, particularly in Mainstream schools.

Attached is an article just published by Cath Bate and Colleagues. Cath was part of a group of Teachers in Surrey , that I led through school focused, inquiry based projects a few years ago . She has gone on from that experience to study for an MSc, and deepen her knowledge and insight in this field.

This is a rare gem of an article, offering some rich insights.

It was recently published in JORSEN.

ADHD in Girls – Fintan O’Regan

There is growing interest in how ADHD may present itself in girls. As with Autism , there are gender related issues and profiles linked to the social biology of the brain.

This short overview article by Fintan O’Regan, offers some valuable insights and useful  observational starting points for the classroom teacher.

Have you developed a Sensory Sanctuary?

Building on Victoria Wells concept of ‘Sports Sanctuaries’ (the paper published previously on this website:(

A school in Northern Ireland, Riverside, has developed the concept of Sensory Sanctuaries, and are now developing these alongside their Sports Sanctuary.

“Our sensory sanctuary is in a space positioned in the centre of our school, which is easily accessible for all. It is filled with natural light and has both outdoor and indoor elements. It will be filled with restorative sensory experiences that aim to promote inner peace and calm in our young people, enabling emotional self-regulation. For those learners who find it more difficult to transition to the area, the sanctuary will be accessible to them in their classrooms through sensory boxes replicating activities in the sensory sanctuary.”

An outline paper, by Shona McCann is below, but the key message is think about this concept for the children in your school. How would it aid their readjustment back to the busy school environment? How would it help process excessive sensory stimulation after a quieter life in Lockdown, and avoid sensory overload?

The work builds on the principles and values of the Recovery Curriculum. We need to emotionally regulate to educate, and this concept is ideal for bringing that to child centred reality.

It is my pleasure to supervise this Project, and as the work developed updates will be posted. So watch this space!

Professor Barry Carpenter

26th April 2021.


Parent Perspective and Advice on Preparing Your Kids to Lead Happy, Healthy, and Successful Lives, by Kristen Louis

As you navigate the ups and downs of parenting, these useful tips and insights will prove invaluable. “Every parent wants their kids to grow up to be happy, healthy, and successful individuals”, says parent Kristen Louis.
Download her advice and tips for free below. – Downloads in docx file format.
Preparing Your Kids to Lead Happy, Healthy, and Successful Lives by Kristen Louis - Article


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ACTIVE RECOVERY | Launched Today!

A new Active Recovery Hub is launching to provide schools, local authorities, and families with easy access to free resources to get children moving before, during and after the school day , co-ordinated by the Youth Sport Trust and Sport England.

The hub has hundreds of free resources available on it to help all children of all ages and abilities achieve the Chief Medical Officer’s recommendation of an average of 60 active minutes a day.

Supporting the launch Professor Barry Carpenter CBE, said: “The pandemic has had such a devastating impact on the social and emotional wellbeing of our children, causing high levels of mental distress. Active Recovery offers a positive and proactive route to recovery which builds physical fitness, stamina and social skills.”

The Active Recovery Hub is available by visiting

Read the full press release below: