How to use Wordless Stories with Children

Watch the short video below to hear Jenny Hawkes, co – author of the Lenny and Lilly books from Beyond Words, (and Primary School teacher) explain how to use a wordless story book , if you are unfamiliar with doing so.

This video clip is ideal, too, for introducing parents to the notion of wordless stories and their value in children’s mental and emotional development.


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Department for Education Webinar: Supporting pupil and student mental wellbeing

The Department for Education, in collaboration with NHS England and Public Health England, hosted this free webinar for school and college staff on 9 July on how to support returning pupils and students mental wellbeing. You will hear from experts on the impacts of the pandemic on children and young people’s mental wellbeing and recovery techniques, and from education leaders about the actions they have been taking.

FASD & the Criminal Justice system

This Australian produced video raises some important issues related to the management of people with FASD in the criminal justice system of any Country.

As an Educationalist, the issues raised underscore for me the need for high quality Education for children and young people with FASD, to prevent some of the tragic admissions to the criminal justice system. Many go on to become ‘revolving door prisoners’ with no quality of life.

One day Society will wake up to this ticking time-bomb.

Improving Learning Outcomes for children and young people with FASD

‘Teachers need the type of information that gives them a sound, solid appreciation of how fetal alcohol spectrum disorder is going to impact on the effectiveness of the child as a learner.’

Professor Barry Carpenter