Creating Your Calm Corner

Why do we need to consider this kind of intervention now and why is it so important to effectively resource such spaces and ensure we are making use of tried and tested / evidence-based strategies and resources?

A wonderful new Blog from Dr Tina Rae

Calm Corner Example - Image 1

Learning from each other in the field of Early Childhood Intervention.

Each country finds itself at a different phase of development when it comes to Early Childhood Intervention. It is important that the ECI community learns from each other, and supports one another.
The Early Intervention Institute in St Petersburg, Russia, is keen to develop its links in the international ECI Community. Following on from the excellent ISEI Conference they hosted in 2013, they have produced a newsletter, containing articles that can be read in Russian or English. This includes a piece I have written on the education of children born prematurely.

The newsletter can be found here.


Special Needs in the Early Years – an International Early Intervention Conference.

This conference, a joint congress of the Annual Conference of the European Association on Early Childhood Intervention (EURLYAID) and the 2nd National Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Intervention Conference of the Turkish Association on Early Childhood Intervention invites you to participate in:

“Bridging Research & Practice in Early Childhood Intervention”

For conference information, please go to:

April 3 – 6, 2014

AKKA Hotel Antedon
Antalya, Turkey