Children of the New Millennium; Mental Health Findings from the Millennium Cohort Study

This new Study form the Centre for Mental Health, gives current and very relevant facts and information on the current State of Mental Health in Britain’s children and young people.

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Forthcoming Course on Mental Health and Emotional Well Being – Tuesday 23rd June, 2015, Birmingham.

The link below contains details of a forthcoming Course on Mental Health and Emotional Well Being on Tuesday 23rd June, 2015, in Birmingham.


Mental Health Standards for Schools.

Mental Health Standards for Schools.

The focus in the new Code of Practice ( Special Educational Needs ), on ‘ Social, Mental and Emotional Health’, will bring a new challenge to schools , but a timely one. At long last teachers have a mandate to do something constructive in the area of Mental Health, and create a curriculum and pedagogy around Emotional Well Being.
Even the Office of National statistics has reported that for every 5 children on a school’s SEN Register, 3 will experience some mental health issue. In the area of Autism it is 6 in every 10 pupils.
With this clear mandate from the DfE we can move forward to help our pupils and students with Mental Health needs. The new Mental Health Standards, published by Butterfly Print,(, offers excellent guidance on how to do this is a coherent and systemic way.This company also produces Mental Health journals which would work really well in giving focussed support to children with these needs in schools settings.
I highly recommend these materials.

National Forum for Neuroscience in Special Education – Conference – January, 2014

Scared and sad: The emotional health and wellbeing of children with special educational needs

Thursday 6 February 2014

The Abbey Centre, Westminster, London

Neuroscience conference Feb 2014 flyer

Mental Health In Students with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities

This new article, just published in the Special Education Resource Journal (Australia), reflects the combined experience and perspectives of a Clinical Psychologist and Special Educator. It is timely in the UK context as Mental Health features large in the new draft Code of Practice on Special Educational Needs. The creation of the new designation of Social, Mental and Emotional Health will bring particular challenges for teachers, but most will recognise the need, as this article points out , to begin to address this important area of development in all children and young people, but especially those with Special Needs.

1A. barry carpenter MH Article Sept 2013