Teachers need to be vigilant in monitoring children born prematurely.

Teachers need to be vigilant in monitoring children born prematurely.


This news clip from BBC Scotland highlights the importance of understanding how premature birth can impact on a child’s learning , and effective schooling.
Dr Nashwa Matta attended the Conference on this topic in London , in 2013, organised by the National Forum for Neuroscience in Special Education. 
Upon her return to her post in Scotland she took the initiative to organise her own Conference to stimulate thought and debate across Professional groups on this rapidly emerging topic.
Maybe others could follow her lead?
Reports and resources on educating the prematurely born child can be found on this website using the ‘prematurity’ tag

How many children born prematurely are in your class?

Teachers are not aware that there are as many as 4 children born prematurely in every classroom. These children are often ‘ wired differently’. Their profiles of learning can be quite different. They can attain and achieve , but the routes for getting there may be different from those traditionally used by teachers .
Two new articles have highlighted this issue and the challenges for the teaching profession.
On 31st January 2013 at the Institute of Education in London, there will be a national conference to focus on this issue.
Please think of coming along.