Children sing of their desire for recovery post pandemic

Forest Oak pupils (in Solihull) have been using their feelings during
the Coronavirus pandemic to create a song for everyone. The vocals in this song were recorded by pupils following safe guidelines. The photos in this video are of children working from home and of some of the changes made to the school. We hope you enjoy it.

This song can also be found on, alongside a podcast from the Executive Headteacher, Amanda Mordey, outlining their SMILE ethos based approach to emotional well being for their pupils and staff.

‘SMILE’ is a whole school ethos based approach for wellbeing






For more detail about SMILE including how to use these resources, training or school to school support opportunities contact Issy Jerrard, Forest Oak school and see:

“There has never been a more crucial time to support our schools and equip our teachers, to build emotional resilience in our children & young people.The mental health of our children is eroding before our eyes, we need to bring back their SMILE. These are perfect resources for implementing a Recovery Curriculum.”

Professor Barry Carpenter, CBE, PhD. Professor of Mental Health in Education, Oxford Brookes University. (January 2020)

New Resources to support the use of SMILE, including Happiness Box stickers , are now available from: