Updated | A Little Guide for Parents on Home Schooling During Lockdown & The Motivation Mystery

The Little Guide for Parents on Home Schooling During Lockdown & The Motivation Mystery – both pieces by Laura Purser January 2021

Laura Purser, Head of Primary and Early Years ITT,
SEND & Inclusion Lead, Mental Health and WellBeing Support at The University of Buckingham

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‘A Little Guide for Parents on Home Schooling During Lockdowns.’ – Laura Purser, University of Buckingham

As the author says in her introduction to this excellent resource guide for parents.

“Knowing how to home school is not something parents are born knowing. Even fully trained teachers and those working directly in education, may find themselves thrown as to how to navigate their way through these circumstances flung upon them. Balancing the emotional turbulence of the pandemic and all that comes with it is enough to throw us off kilter. Add to that the media diet of fear and breaking news, social media notifications and a constant stream of conflicting and ambitious information, it can be a minefield to know what to do for the best”

This booklet not only offers thoughtful guidance, (from someone who is home schooling her child) but a reflective piece that enables parents to frame their own emotions and experiences of home schooling in Lockdown. On top of that it offers some useful tips,  and points to invaluable resources.
At a time when there is nothing to support parents in these most challenging of times, this free guide is extremely welcome.


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Transforming Trauma by Laura Purser (Updated 21.8)

As Teachers begin to think about the return to school for the new term, they will be concerned about how their pupils will have processed, or not, the experience of lockdown and the pandemic generally.

Many will consider trauma informed practice in their repertoire of responses to child need.

In this Guest Blog, Laura Purser, who leads the Masters level SENCO training at the University of Buckingham, and is Head of Primary and Early Years teacher training there, discusses why this is invaluable as a lens for viewing the recent experiences of children.


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