Born Too Early

Born too early; a Father’s journey with his prematurely born son.

Ross McGill of Teacher Toolkit has a really high profile in the world of Education. The Guardian dubbed him “Britain’s most influential teaching expert”

But he is also the father of a little boy born at 28 weeks  gestation. His blogs give some valuable insights.

It is always worth reminding ourselves that there are between 2 – 4 children born prematurely in every Primary classroom ; (many more in Special Schools).Is that your classroom

And please remember it is not just about the child; we need to acknowledge the ‘premature arrival of parenthood’, and all of the pain, anguish and anxiety they experience.

To you the parent may be unduly concerned and overbearing about their, but in reality the trauma of those birth experiences have never left them. They are a ‘confident champion’ for their child,

Barry Carpenter,
March 2020.

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