Observational Inquiry

There is a timely conversation around classroom based Inquiry . If teaching is an evidence based profession, then , at times , in order to generate that evidence , we need to engage in inquiry focused practice , systematically and deductively collecting evidence and drawings conclusions about children’s learning , attainments and achievements.

This is a particularly valuable approach where children have Complex Needs , and in this time of global pandemic , we are seeing complex profiles of mental health need emerging in our children and young people . To unravel the impact on learning will be a challenging process, . The lens of Inquiry offers us the opportunity to execute that process.

The Evidence for Learning App, with its video facility, is a perfect teacher friendly tool for collecting this evidence as data, that can then be systematically analysed ,and deductions made.

Below is an interactive webinar around Observational Inquiry , hosted by Evidence for Learning, in which two leading practitioners , Martin McKenna and Katie Fielding outline work in their schools , using the Inquiry approach. Over 100 teachers then debate how this relates to their practice in their schools , the value of the approach , and the longer term implications.

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