New advice on classroom design for students with FASD

This is a new initiative from the Department of Children’s Services in South Australia. Some helpful ideas, in a little discussed area.

Advice for Primary Teachers on Children with Complex Needs

Many teachers in Primary Schools are reporting a changing population of children in their classrooms. They are seeing more children with what they describe as having  ‘ Complex Needs”.
This article describe a case study from the DfE funded research project on children with Complex Learning Difficulties and Disabilities, which specifically focuses on the application of some of the ‘new generation pedagogy ‘ in the Primary classroom.

Complex Needs Training Modules

I have just acted as Director for the TDA funded Project which has developed extensive training materials for teachers of children and young people with severe, profound and complex learning difficulties and disabilities.

SSAT Conference 2011

Schools are clearly recognising changes in the population of children. The Green Paper on Special Educational Needs, “Support and Aspiration”, from the Government has documented this too.
At the SSAT National Conference in Birmingham in 2011 I posited the challenge , “Changing Children – Changing Schools ? They have – have we?”