2 thoughts on “Lecture on the Changing Pattern of Childhood Disability and Special Needs”

  1. Dear Mr Carpenter.
    I found your lecture thought provoking. It has made me think deeply about my role as Teaching Assistant in a Special School. I have over 20 years experience and want to continue to learn daily. Upon my return to school after Easter break, my suggestion will be your lecture shown to every member of staff.
    Thank you with kind regards
    Jayne Holloway.

    1. Dear Jayne,

      Thank you for taking the time to write to me. I am always pleased to hear from Teaching Assistants. I have worked with some fabulous ones over the years, and I always try to make my work accessible to them . You all have such an important role to play in personalising the learning of children with SEN.
      I wish you well with your work. I do travel doing training , so if your school wants to organise an event let me know.
      Kind wishes,


      Professor B Carpenter, OBE, PhD.

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