Girls & Autism Book Review by Dr Wenn Lawson

The internationally renowned, Dr Wenn Lawson, praises the new Girls and Autism book.


“This book clearly and authentically highlights the differences and difficulties autistic girls live with. Therefore, there is no longer any excuse for them to suffer [cont..]
I highly recommend this book with its easy access style for reading and its honesty on all counts.”
Read the full review, click the thumbnail image below to download and view.

Girls & Autism Book Review - Word Doc Download link

One thought on “Girls & Autism Book Review by Dr Wenn Lawson”

  1. When I was asked to write a chapter for Girls and Autism, didn’t realise it was going to be published amongst other great contributers as well as hosting a workshop at the launch! The book has truly been an eyeopener for me and given food for thought how to support my daughters. Every school, library, college and any place where an autistic girl or women will be! Or to educate a mother, a father or professionals! This is the book! Not because I am in it, because the different perspectives of autism from different voices, class, race, gender and across the UK. Worth buying or to give to a mother who just needs to realise that they are not alone!

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