Episode 10: A Recovery Curriculum Part 10 – Cabot Learning Federation


This episode is rich in thinking and action from Senior Leadership representatives for the Cabot Learning Federation, a Multi Academy Trust comprising more than 20 schools serving children and young people aged 3-19 in the South West of England.
We hear from Sally Apps, Susie Weaver, Helen Angell, Carina Smith and Charlotte Black.

They share with us a rich, thorough and compelling presentation which outlines the trust’s deeply-considered response and approach to recovery. And they frame this within the broader context of the trust’s values, curriculum aims and some of the trust’s strategic approaches and systems. It’s a very thorough session full of practical advice.

Their starting point in considering a Recovery Curriculum for Trust schools is ‘through the eyes of child’. This child-centred focus informs their strategic and operational plans, and what unfurls is a rich resource of thoughtfully joined up approaches for students, families and colleagues.

With talk of subject-based therapeutic input and curriculum curation, this episode is full of practical advice, intellectual challenge, and fundamental humanity.

What they successfully design is a joyful curriculum, based on ‘heart values’, that binds together a community of practice with their eyes firmly focussed on the child.

The title and theme of the presentation is:
“Cabot Learning Federation… Our Route to Recovery”

Full post, click here or available via the below link:


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