Mental Health Conditions in Young People: Prevalence, Shifts & Support – Ask the Expert

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For this session we are delighted to welcome Professor Mina Fazel to share some of the latest insights into the prevalence of common mental health conditions in children & young people, highlighting some of the underlying risk factors and overlaying the impact of the pandemic. Mina will also be answering your questions in a session facilitated by leading education professional Professor Barry Carpenter.

Mina is a highly respected Professor of Adolescent Psychiatry at University of Oxford; her research focuses on how to improve access to mental health interventions for children and adolescents. She has a particular interest in school-based mental health interventions and has been running the Oxwell School Survey since 2019, which aims to better understand what school pupils need and want.

About the ‘Ask the Expert’ sessions

This FREE ‘Ask the Expert’ online event is exclusively for Teachers, and offers insights into the latest evidence-base around mental health prevalence in children & adolescents. They are brought to you as part of an exciting new partnership between The Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health (ACAMH) and Coram Life Education (CLE), two charities who are dedicated to making a difference to the mental wellbeing of children and young people.

We are trialling these sessions events in order to help close the knowledge gap in a range of topics that now form part of the statutory Relationship, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) curriculum, we think it is important to help equip teachers with knowledge in areas that may be less familiar to them, which is grounded in academic rigour.

These trial ‘Ask the Expert’ sessions are primarily aimed at knowledge building, we will be working on other initiatives to help evolve pedagogical approaches based on the evidence we share with you at the trial events, with more details to follow.

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Refocusing on ADHD in Education: a new resource booklet for SENCOs


“This is a ‘must read’ for every teacher concerned with the education of children with ADHD. Lots of practical suggestions, and new insights. Look at page 21 on the latest thinking around ADHD in Girls!”

Professor Barry Carpenter, CBE.(Patron: ADHD Foundation)

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Teaching children born pre term

As teachers in all sectors begin to get to know their classes for this Academic year, many are realising that several children were born prematurely, and this can impact on their learning .

Download: Improving developmental and educational support for children born preterm: evaluation of an e-learning resource for education professionals.

Download: Improving educational outcomes for children born preterm: a new approach




Creating Your Calm Corner

Why do we need to consider this kind of intervention now and why is it so important to effectively resource such spaces and ensure we are making use of tried and tested / evidence-based strategies and resources?

A wonderful new Blog from Dr Tina Rae

Calm Corner Example - Image 1

New report – Adolescent mental health: A systematic review on the effectiveness of school-based interventions. from the Early Intervention Foundation

This broad report looks at a wide range of mental health concerns and potential responses that schools can make, examining the latest evidence on the effectiveness of interventions designed to:

  • enhance young people’s mental health and wellbeing
  • prevent or reduce mental health problems, including anxiety, depression and suicidality
  • address behavioral difficulties, including bullying, aggression and sexual violence or harassment.

Link to download: Adolescent mental health: A systematic review on the effectiveness of school-based interventions | Early Intervention Foundation (