FASD – Pedagogically Bereft

Children with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders area recently identified phenomena in British schools, as they are in other developed countries. This article describes a small scale piece of research , undertaken at the University of Oxford, which make a preliminary attempt to unpick some of the teaching strategies that may be effective with this educationally challenging group of children and young people.

BJSE – FASD (Pedagogically bereft!) Vol 38. No 1 2011

One thought on “FASD – Pedagogically Bereft”

  1. This article highlights an important area of inclusion and educational research. Children with FASD are particularly vulnerable in environments where knowledge about their diverse and complex needs is weak. Training for educators to highlight the teaching approaches suggested in this article needs to be introduced to iniitial teaching training and continuing professional development as a matter of urgency.

    In addition, more research is needed to establish the prevalence of FASD at a national, pan-European and international level in order that we can plan services for individuals exposed to alcohol prenatally in a strategic manner.

    Closer collaboration between countries and across professional disciplines is called for and a supportive network of advocates for families at the local level should be a priority.

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