Forthcoming Book: Press Release for Girls and Autism

“Girls and Autism, Educational, Family and Personal Perspectives.”

Edited by Barry Carpenter, Francesca Happé and Jo Egerton

Click the artwork cover below to open and view book press release.

Girls and Autism, Educational Family and Personal Perspectives cover artwork
Girls and Autism, Educational, Family and Personal Perspectives

2 thoughts on “Forthcoming Book: Press Release for Girls and Autism”

  1. Hi Barry.

    I hope all is well with you and your family. I very much miss working with K and hope she is shining as much as ever. I look forward very much to this publication- I have just heard of its upcomongnrelease via a social media group I am a member of for women on the spectrum. As a ‘girl with Autism’ myself who was in education at a time when knowledge of autism in general was scarce, let alone that girls were autistic too, just presenting differently, I follow this field of story with an avid interest. I was 38 before I was diagnosed; my daughter referred to the umbrella pathway in her teens (just a few short years ago).

    I was so pleased to see your name attached to this venture and want to thank you personally for the amazing contributions you have made over the years to SEN studies.

    With love to all the family, please give Kate my best and a hug from me too

    Miriam Watts

    1. Hi Miriam. It was wonderful to hear from you. I often ask Katie if she has heard from you . We always appreciated the sensitive care you gave her .
      The book have been a true labour of love. I am Chair of the National Forum in Girls and Autism ; I persuaded everybody on that Group to write a chapter- academics, teachers, psychologists , women with autism . There are 31 contributors in all . So it will be launched in London on 2nd April. But the interest is already phenomenal , and I have been invited to launch it in Oslo , Barcelona , Australia, NZ , Dubai , and today the invitation for September in New York has come through.
      Thank you for sharing your story too. You inspire me , and the purpose of this book is to explode the myths that prevented you from getting a diagnosis .
      I so appreciated you taking the time to write Miriam . I passed on your hug to Katie.
      All good wishes

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